Volumes & Issues

Volume VIII, Issue 1 »

January, 2016

Mapping The Critique

by Kathryn Weinstein, MFA

The Impact of India-UK Co-Production agreement: A perspective of Transmedia Story-telling and Business models in films

by Amritha Subhayan Krishnan, MA & Vivek Mohan, PHD

Visually Mapping Cross-Referential Relationships Within Non-Linear Data Sets: Looking at Le Antichità Romane

by Brad Tober, MDES

Norm Diffusion: Understanding Risks in Relation to Identity Formation in the Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations

by Tegg Westbrook, MA


Volume VII, Issue 4 »

October, 2015

Transforming the Stock Markets into Music using DataScapR

by Samuel van Ransbeeck, PhD

CALL ME GAIA: The Geometry of Fragmentation or The Geometry of Life?

by Jean Gardner, MA & Jose de Jesus, MFA

Mapping the Space Race: Form and Function for Non-Linear Storytelling

by Robert Capaldo


Icons of Educational Apps as Media Artifacts: Understanding EdTech Apps via Cultural Analytics

by Evangelos Kapros, PhD & Kerri McCrory, PhD

Living Science: Sowing Questions to Reap Solutions

by Saskia van Manen, PhD & Jihoon Kang, MFA

Meaningful Play: The Representation of Data in Hybrid Games

by Jason Corace, MFA


Suitability of Form for Data: An Analysis of Data Visualization Projects

by Deepika Sahai, Lalit Chaudhari, Sindhu MS, & Sindhu S Rao

Representing the Digital Humanities Community: Unveiling The Social Network Visualization of an International Conference

by Dario Rodighiero

Creating Infographics for the Comparison of Bike Share Programs

by Jihoon Kang, MFA & Luca Nitschke


Volume VII, Issue 1 »

January, 2015

Using Interactive Data Visualization to Explore Non-Linear Movie Narrative

by Rasagy Sharma & Venkatesh Rajamanickam

Gaining Insight Into Films via Topic Modeling & Visualization

by Misha Rabinovich, MFA & Yogesh Girdhar, PhD

Taxonomic Considerations for Node-and-Link Visualizations

by William M. Bevington


Volume VI, Issue 4 »

October, 2014

Points of Interest

by Richard Wheeler, MFA

The Transdisciplinarity of InformationMapping in Practice: A Case Study of a Polar Data Hackathon

by Saskia van Manen, PhD

Modeling and Assembling Visual Devices to Compare Stem Cell Processes

by Julia Wargaski, BFA


Synthesizing Form And Data: Developing Practices For Student Engagement And Learning

by Jen Seevinck, PhD, Jeremy Kerr, PhD

Experiments in Literary Cartography: The Isle-to-Isle Project

by Sherylene Chew, Berny Tan

Healthboard: A Graphic User Interface for Patient Centered Healthcare, the “Medical Home” Solution

by Jihoon Kang, MFA


Volume VI, Issue 2 »

April, 2014

POLIS: Designing a Visualization Tool for the Research of Complex Sociopolitical Landscapes

by Maya Krishnan, Josiah Ober, PHD, Mark Pyzyk, MA

Comparative Trajectories in the Royal Society Network

by Jia Zhang, MFA

On Ephemerality: Perspectives on Communication Across the Analog-Digital Divide

by Noah Pedrini


Volume VI, Issue 1 »

January, 2014

Mental Diagrams and Maps: Art’s Role in the Development of Cognition

by Judson Wright, MA

Digital Trust Hike

by Paul Taylor, MFA

Preserving Data While Rendering

by Joseph A. Cottam, PhD, Peter Wang

Measuring the Value of Big Data Exploitation Systems: Quantitative, Non-subjective Metrics with the User as a Key Component

by Jana Schwartz, PhD, Joshua C. Poore, PhD, Emily Vincent, MS, David Reed, MS


Volume V, Issue 4 »

October, 2013

Signal: An Expanded Semiotics of Periodicity (Part II)

by Michael Filimowicz

Modalities of Interaction with Information Graphics Through the Web

by Giovanni Profeta, MSC

Detecting End-User’s Visual Model to Build a Visualization Tool Based on Online Reviews

by Elizabeth S. Carvalho, Marcirio S. Chaves

Cartography and Mapping Visualizations—A Genealogy of Space: Digitization and Visual Representation of Knowledge as Art

by Laura Gracia


Data Driven Journalism at Zeit Online

by Paul Blickle

Visual storytelling at the Graphics department of The New York Times

by Sergio Pecanha

Visualizing Alien Life

by Michael Lawton, Jerry Beilinson, Kristie Bailey


Volume V, Issue 2 »

April, 2013

Signal: An Expanded Semiotics of Periodicity (Part I)

by Michael Filimowicz

(In)forming the Information Design Student

by Maria da Gandra, MA PGCE HEA, Maaike van Neck, MA HEA

The Deleted City: A Digital Archaeology

by Richard Vijgen


Volume V, Issue 1 »

January, 2013

Typography & Information Design: Reflections and Critiques

by Chun-wo Pat, MFA

25 Systems for Classifying Typography: A Study in Naming Frequency

by Taylor Childers, Jessica Griscti & Liberty Leben

Visual Alpha-Beta-Gamma: Rudiments of Visual Design for Data Explorers

by Marek Kultys, MA

No Country for Fat Men

by Aaron Lai, MSc, Thomas Ho, BS, Ryan Walker, MA, & Allison Sullivan, PhD


Volume IV, Issue 4 »

October, 2012

The Diagram of Information Visualization

by Gaia Scagnetti, PhD

Trends in Olympic Pictograph Design: A comparative study using Olympic Games’ Sports Symbols

by SoJung Kim

Non-linear Storytelling: Journalism through “Info-spatial” Compositions

by Giorgia Lupi, M.Arch, BFA


Real-time Urban Sensing and Information Visualization During City-wide Protests and Riots: Rome, October 15, 2011

by Salvatore Iaconesi, MEng & Oriana Persico, Msc

Paradigm Shift In How People Interact With Media

by Mi-sun Kim, BFA

Dyslexic Notation: Combining Aesthetics and Scientific Notation To Combat Dyslexia

by Kanny Yeung & Gerald Morin

Complex City: A Student Atlas Of San Diego Cartography At High Tech High Media Arts

by Rachel Nichols & Margaret Noble Contributing authors: Natalia Molina & Meg Wesling


Volume IV, Issue 2 »

April, 2012

What I See When My Eyes Are Closed

by Jeff Thompson, MFA

The Affective Mesh: Air Components 3D Visualizations As A Research and Communication Tool

by Nerea Calvillo, MsdAAd

Capital Informatics: Permitting User Control and Interactivity Within a Consumer Touchpoint Without Sacrificing Profitability

by You Kyoung Kim, Bac +3

Icons and Intelligent Icons: How Compactness and Adaptability Advance the Utility of These Devices (Part One)

by William M. Bevington & David Fusilier, BFA


Volume IV, Issue 1 »

January, 2012

Mapping Trigger Point Theory as Aesthetic Activism

by Aviva Rahmani, MFA

Dynamic Performance of Nature: Augmenting Environmental Perception through Social Media and Architectural Infomatics

by Brian W. Brush, M.Arch, MS, Yong Ju Lee, M.Arch & Noa Younse, MS

Paris Galaxy Inc.: A Conceptual Model and Holistic Strategy Toward Envisioning Urban Development

by Raphaële Bidault-Waddington

Anti-Spam: Reinventing Data

by Álvaro Seiça


Volume III, Issue 4 »

October, 2011

Dust: A Visualization Tool Supporting Parents’ School-Choice Evaluation Process

by Matteo Azzi, MSc, Giorgio Caviglia, MSc, Donato Ricci, PhD, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Emanuele Bonetti, MSc & Loredana Bontempi, MSc

The Public Interface as an Art-Making Enabler

by Winnie Soon, MA, MSc

New York City Transportation Mapping System

by Hannah Lea Dykast & Sarah Piper-Goldberg

Tracks Series: Visualizing the Travel Patterns of Bess Beetles

by Brittany Ransom, MFA


Comparing Shakespeare’s Sonnet Sequence through Relational Diagram Models

by William Bevington & Erik Freer

Leaf++: Augmented Reality and the Third Landscape

by Salvatore Ianconesi, MEng, Luca Simeone, MSc, & Cary Yungmee Hendrickson, MSc

Camp La Jolla Military Park: Creative Disturbance Through Adaption of National Park Iconography

by Owen Mundy, MFA

Type Sonification: The Audiovisual Mapping of Fonts

by Siu Chong, MFA


Pushing the Interface: Questioning Existing Web Interaction Models

by Aidan Rowe, MRes

Design for Evacuation: Improving City Evacuation Instructions

by Claudine Jaenichen, BFA

Locating Value with Alignment Diagrams

by James Kalbach, MA, & Paul Kahn, BA

Data Visualization and Interface Design for Public Health Analysis: The American Hotspots Project

by Jihoon Kang, MFA


Volume III, Issue 1 »

January, 2011

Invisible Cities: Representing Social Networks in an Urban Context

by Christian Marc Schmidt, MFA & Liangjie Xia, MPS

Consumer Insight Maps: The Map as a Story Platform in the Design Process

by Kim Erwin, MDes

Analytics of Play: Using Information Visualization and Gameplay Practices for Visualizing Video Game Data

by Ben Medler, PhD Student & Brian Magerko, PhD

Thinking Big: Large Media, Creativity, and Collaboration

by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, PhD


Volume II, Issue 4 »

October, 2010

Visualization of Islamic Religious Symbolism on the Internet: A Conceptual Blending

by Veronika Tzankova & Thecla Schiphorst, PhD

Drawing Light: a Graphical Investigation of Light, Space and Time in Lighting Design

by Nathalie Rozot, BTS & Antonia Peón-Veiga, MFA

Visual Representation for Viewpoints, Concepts, and Persuasiveness

by Tingyi S. Lin, MFA, PhD

Mapping Ocean Dynamics

by Peter Matthews, MFA


Aspects of Transit Map Design

by Peter Bain, MFA

Knowledge Visualization in Design Practice: Exploring the power of knowledge visualization in problem solving

by Joanne Mendel, MDes and Jan Yeager, MDes

Groups and Spaces - Mapping Collaborative Cultural Production and Social Art Practices

by Christopher Kennedy, MA

Complications and Adjacencies: An Organizing Logic for Information Graphics

by William A. Anderson & William M. Bevington


Volume II, Issue 2 »

April, 2010

Health Care Service Iconography: Enhancing Medical Record Lucidity Through Intelligent Iconography

by William Bevington & David Fusilier

The Integration of Information and Ideas: Creating Linkages Through A Novel Concept Design Method

by Andrew Wodehouse, MEng, Ing & William Ion

Video Sonification

by Michael Filimowicz, MFA

Mapping Hertzian Space: A Noospheric Atlas of the United States

by Brett Ian Balogh, MFA


Volume II, Issue 1 »

January, 2010

Pastiche—A Collective Composition of New York City

by Ivan Safrin & Christian Marc Schmidt, MFA

Ordnance Survey: Exploring Activity through Large Scale Topologies and Auditory Mappings

by Dr. Tom Davis, PhD & Nicholas Ward, MSc

Congress Speaks

by Dino Citraro, BA & Kim Rees, BA


by Sayoko Yoshida, MFA


Volume I, Issue 4 »

October, 2009

Imagining Possible Futures with a Scenario Space

by David Staley, PhD

Spatial Awareness and Exploration of the Museum Building

by Marcos Pereira Dias, MSc

Magnifying the Eye of Culture: Visual Cognition through a Comparative Sociocultural Progression of Christian and Islamic Image

by Veronika Tzankova & Thecla Schiphorst, PhD

Capturing Glocality: Part Two: Mapping Glocalities

by Katherine E. Behar, MFA, MA


Calm Technologies 2.0: Visualising Social Data as an Experience in Physical Space

by Michael Hohl, PhD

Conflating Boundaries to Envision Urban Public Health

by Shriya Malhotra, MA

Stockwatch, a Tool for Composition with Complex Data

by Samuel Van Ransbeeck & Carlos Guedes

Stepping on the Light

by Michael Filimowicz, MFA


Volume I, Issue 2 »

April, 2009

The R-Shief Initiative: Proof of Concept

by Laila Shereen Sakr, MFA

What is Global and What is Local? A Theoretical Discussion Around Globalization

by Jean-Sébastien Guy, PhD

Revising the Map: Modulated Mapping and The Spatial Interface

by Jeremy Hight, MFA

Bronx Rhymes—An Urban Multimedia Project

by Claudia Bernett, MFA & Maria Ioveva, MFA


Volume I, Issue 1 »

January, 2009

Mapping Process: Diagrammatising Social Software Use and Knowledge Creation

by Aidan Rowe, MRes

Immersive Event Time Visualization

by Jeremy Hight, MFA

Capturing Glocality—Online Mapping Circa 2005: Mapping Territories

by Katherine E. Behar, MA

The Visual Repertoire of Obama’s Run for the White House

by Gerlinde Schuller