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Information Taxonomies & Analytics

Valuable relationships exist in your data but unearthing and understanding that value is a complex process.

Central to any Knowledge Visualization work is the thorough understanding of the underlying information sources that drive any system. PIIM specializes in developing unique and custom Information and Visualization Taxonomies for each research and client-deliverable we complete.

By completing these taxonomies at the outset — with revisions made throughout the entirety of an engagement — PIIM is able to completely understand the problems being addressed for each of its activities. Our work into developing these taxonomies leverages current academic and industry research ensuring our information analysis is always leading-edge.

PIIM supports a research track intent on analyzing and uncovering key knowledge from vast data and information sources. Our team develops technologies that scour and aggregate large and complex information sources to identify trends, anomalies, and key occurrences of knowledge.

Our approach to Data Analytics is focused on unifying a software, hardware and visualization approaches to enable an individual to slice and collect knowledge that is otherwise hidden in quantities of information. Our team has developed solutions to complex data analysis problems using several technologies, including:

  • Java (J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate)
  • Oracle (10+, Oracle-Text, Oracle-Spatial, RAC)
  • MySQL (4.0+)
  • PHP (4.0+)
  • Ajax and Web 2.0 client-side technologies


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