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Knowledge Visualization

PIIM's research and exploration into the field of Knowledge Visualization is core to every effort in which the Institute engages.

Our focus in Knowledge Visualization is on both computer-assisted and manually-generated graphic representations and spans a variety of outputs, including: user interaction and experience models, network diagrams, interactive visualizations, storyboards, functional prototypes, and deployment-ready applications.

Very often we leverage our work in Knowledge Visualization to support the visualizations and graphic representations we create a seamless transition of our technical and visualization expertise. By connecting these disciplines we are able to analyze and visualize extremely large quantities of information from a variety of sources to create valuable knowledge assets.

Our engineering research and development work in the field of Knowledge Visualization horizontally supports all of our visualization activities. Via our engineering-focused staff we focus on developing scalable, automatic processes for ingesting, analyzing, archiving and retrieving knowledge via relational databases and information taxonomies.

The process of identifying, analyzing, properly storing, and retrieving massive quantities of data is central to successful visualization. The PIIM team of visualization, usability, and engineering experts supports our work through industry-standard best practices, innovation, and a clear understanding of our customers and users of our technologies.


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