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Geospace and Media Tool

The Geospace and Media Tool (GMT) is an advanced Knowledge Visualization application that fuses streaming news, geospatial, social network, and demographic information into a single,enterprise-quality, Web 2.0 solution for the United States Congress.

The GMT is a 24/7, web-based tool initially designed for members and staff of the United States Congress; however, it has proven its capability for all levels of private and public organizations. The GMT was developed under contract with a leading government intelligence agency and leverages the content and services from world-renowned companies such as Dow Jones & Company and Oracle.

With its easy-to-use graphical tools and geographic visualizations, the GMT allows people to quickly comprehend the What, Where, When, How, and Why of all major events occurring in the world. This is accomplished by automatically compressing, highlighting, and delivering intelligence from news reports alongside crucial professional and social network and demographic information.

Key features of the Geospace and Media Tool include:

  • Geospatially-enabled, graphical and text-based tools
  • Full news article content from over 12,000 sources throughout the world-archived forever
  • Full dossier of over 600,000 key individuals and 160,000 organizations
  • Ability to search events by any combination of location, topic, or keyword
  • User-customizable search and display preferences
  • Automatic identification of key metadata hidden within news articles
  • Access to hundreds of demographic data points specific to the location of each news article
  • Visual, statistics-based maps to help communicate geographic trend

The GMT supports many unique and high-performance technologies including automatic document clustering and scoring, knowledge discovery and search engines, text- topic- and geospatial-based document retrieval, leadership networking analysis, and advanced information mapping and knowledge visualization software.


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Geospace and Media Tool

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