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United Nations Millennium Development Goals Monitor

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Monitor is a web-based system which enhances and expands the United Nations Development Programme's capabilities to assess, evaluate, and enable success of United Nation's partner country goals.

The MDG Monitor is a web-enabled system that utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies merged with myriad quantitative and qualitative databases to provide a unique analytic capability to individuals within and outside of the United Nations (UN). The MDG was designed and prototyped to simultaneously support analytic work by United Nations partner countries (at the municipal, regional, and international levels) and provide access to statisticians supporting efforts towards and journalists reporting on international achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The MDG Monitor supports presentation and analysis of information provided by the UN via its agencies and merges that data with user-contributed information. This mixing of data provides an innovative leap from previous MDG Monitor tools — giving PIIM's MDG Monitor a more publicly-accessible and transparent view of UN achievement in its partner countries. The PIIM system gives a clear vision of Millennium Development Goals, their objectives, current progress, and status down to the partner country level.

Key features of the MDG Monitor include:

  • Analytic capabilities to monitor and evaluate achievement of Millennium Development Goals across and into countries
  • Geospatial- and visualization-enabled tools geared for both UN policy makers, and analysts, and the international community
  • Capability to navigate into and across UN partner country information
  • Ability to classify key indicators and success metrics to a comprehensive information taxonomy spanning all eight Millennium Development Goals
  • Innovative "data layering" technology to provide multi-faceted visualization of complex indicators and datasets


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Millennium Development Goals Monitor

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