Volume VI, Issue 4
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October, 2014

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  • Points of Interest
  • by Richard Wheeler, MFA
  • The Transdisciplinarity of InformationMapping in Practice: A Case Study of a Polar Data Hackathon
  • by Saskia van Manen, PhD
  • Modeling and Assembling Visual Devices to Compare Stem Cell Processes
  • by Julia Wargaski, BFA

The Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM) is an academic journal and online forum to promote research, writing, and digital execution of theories in the field of information mapping and its related disciplines. Our mission is to identify and disseminate knowledge about the fields of information mapping, information design, data visualization, information taxonomies/structures, data analytics, informatics, information systems, and user interface design.

PJIM focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of information visualization. With each issue, the Journal aims to present novel ideas and approaches that advance the field of Knowledge Visualization through visual, engineering, and cognitive methods.

We have an rolling, open-call for submissions for original essays, academic manuscripts, interactive and non-interactive projects, and project documentation that address representation, processing, and communication of information. We encourage interdisciplinary thinking and approaches and are open to submissions regarding, but not limited to, the following disciplines:

  • Visual analysis and interpretation
  • Social, political, or economic discourse surrounding information, distribution and use
  • Cognition, thinking, and learning
  • Visual and perceptual literacy
  • Historical uses of information in imagery
  • Semiotics


The Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM) has a rolling, open call for submissions.

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