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PIIM's research initiatives are innovative, unique, and driven by real-world needs and requirements.

All research at PIIM is conducted with an understanding of the commercial, industrial, and product potential for any research output. Our team has been able to balance our innovative, forward-thinking research with real-world needs and requirements.

We focus our energies on understanding true business and industry concerns, researching current and past progress towards solving those concerns, and identifying solutions to those concerns via the use of information analysis and Knowledge Visualization.

Combining our independent research and customer-deliverables efforts, PIIM has developed (or co-developed with our partners) software that automatically clusters and ranks documents, performs text- and geospatial-enabled document searches, performs temporal analysis of corpuses of documents, and derives knowledge from statistical, election, and market survey information sets.

PIIM continually supports research teams in the fields of data visualization, user interaction and experience design, engineering, and usability. As a way of proving our ongoing commitment to supporting innovative research, PIIM maintains world-class Internship and Fellowship programs. These provide up-and-coming and established technologists, designers, theorists, engineers, and multidisciplinary practitioners a unique opportunity to discover new paradigms for viewing and using information.


Working with PIIM

Our sponsors and clients have enjoyed tremendous cost savings with exceptional output from our engineering and visualization specialists.

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