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Geospatial Visualization

Integrating the rich history of cartography with cutting-edge technologies, PIIM advances the state-of-the-art in geospatial and information visualization.

Our work in the field of Geospatial Visualization is both literal and figurative. While we explore and extend the latest technical and interactive possibilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we also study and apply tried-and-true concepts found in traditional cartography, such as layered data, symbology, figure-ground relationships, articulation, and intellectual hierarchy, to our Knowledge Visualization process.

Our research and development work enables seamless integration of map and non-map based datasets in information-rich software applications. As technologies used in GIS have flourished in the past five years, so has PIIM's commitment to working with and delivering high-quality solutions with these technologies. PIIM harnesses these technologies in map, non-map, semantic, and Knowledge Management based solutions.

PIIM has employed and tested its Geospatial Visualization research in many of our customer-driven programs for real-world results. We utilize various GIS technologies including many of the ESRI web- and desktop-based solutions and other enterprise-quality systems such as Oracle Spatial and Google.


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