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PIIM is committed to delivering innovative knowledge solutions to our partners.

Since its inception, PIIM has successfully delivered Knowledge Visualization and technology solutions to a variety of public and private organizations. Our work has enabled faster collaboration among geographically diverse teams and increased comprehension of vast and complex information sets.

PIIM continually engages with various commercial organizations and government agencies to help develop solutions for their pressing operational, data analysis, and knowledge visualization needs. We are adept at defining and managing large-scale programs at all technical levels while also rapidly visualizing and engineering quick-turnaround projects and prototype systems.

With the support of the University, PIIM can successfully deliver leading-edge engineering solutions based on advanced research and proven management techniques. Our visualization, usability, and engineering teams collaborate intensely towards each program in which we engage. To the fullest extent possible, we recruit researchers throughout the University community and within our consultant networks to support our work.


Working with PIIM

Our sponsors and clients have enjoyed tremendous cost savings with exceptional output from our engineering and visualization specialists.

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