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Source Tool

The Source Tool enables Knowledge Management and Discovery of information and document repositories in a single, language-independent, visualization-based application.

Developed in conjunction with the India China Institute, the Source Tool enables more successful collaboration and program documentation among researchers in the United States, India, and China. Utilizing the core strengths of visualization and representation, PIIM developed a system that enabled individuals with widely varying languages to seamlessly and effectively communicate.

As a research portal, the Source Tool enables researchers to save, tag, and share the research and background / supporting materials with other researchers within the system. With a unique Document History Visualization module, all users can view the lineage of thought of each researcher's work on a specific thesis

The Source Tool enables faster collaboration among researchers via its unique Knowledge Management and document storage systems. The system provides a rich interface to distance collaboration at a time when facilities worldwide struggles to understand crossborder and open research.

The Source Tool supports various functionalities and technologies including:

  • Integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) to geolocate and represent researchers and their materials worldwide
  • Visualization modules providing insight into the history and lineage of research agendas
  • Powerful search and retrieval functions within a comprehensive Knowledge Management framework
  • Unique, "borderless" visualization and GUI elements to decrease cross-cultural and language barriers


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Source Tool

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