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Debate Tracker

The Debate Tracker enabled Redlasso, Inc. to launch its innovative video publishing technology into the marketplace. The system — designed and developed by PIIM — provided a highly interactive experience where users could monitor presidential debates leading up to the 2008 U.S. election.

Preparing for the public launch of its video "clipping" and "publishing" system Redlasso turned to PIIM to define and engineer an innovative product to compliment its flagship technology. Leveraging its Knowledge Visualization expertise and experiences mapping U.S. elections PIIM delivered a unique application that aggregated video streams from ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, and other broadcasters on the debates leading up to the 2008 presidential election.

The PIIM team rapidly designed and engineered a system that tapped into the Redlasso video streams, and via an advanced Content Management System, enabled an editorial team to "tag" and publish specific clips from broadcasted debates. Using our very own content ranking and clustering methods as a basis, PIIM engineers developed a novel system that analyzed, scored, and visualized the topics and outcomes of each televised debate.

PIIM further extended Redlasso's business value by introducing a modular, "white label" Web Services-based architecture that has been easily ported to several other branded versions. The underlying algorithms and engines built by PIIM are in use by Redlasso today and fully integrated into their core products.

Key features of the Debate Tracker tool include:

  • Integration into Redlasso's core technologies and streaming video feed services
  • Complex scoring and ranking algorithms to automatically rate various attributes of each debate and candidate
  • Lightweight, modular, Web 2.0 system architecture and visualization system
  • Capability to research, "tag", and "clip" videos directly from the system into Redlasso's core system


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Debate Tracker

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