Editorial Policy

The Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM) and the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping adhere to various policies to ensure all subscribers and contributors, our editorial and publication staff, and others engaging in research and work outside of the Journal are protected. We appreciate your acceptance to these policies.


  1. All submitted essays and manuscripts must be original works and if published first elsewhere the contributor(s) must have all legal rights and permissions to the project and the ability to publish at PJIM.
  2. All submitted interactive and non-interactive projects must be created by and/or owned by the contributor or the contributor must acquire a copyright release or transfer from any co-owners. The contributor must have all legal rights and permissions to the project.
  3. Authors must have permission to use any third party material in the submitted document, such as images and photographs. Please ensure that you have appropriately and legally sourced all assets used in your work.
  4. The Journal reserves all rights to use whole or parts of submissions published in PJIM for future promotional or marketing purposes.
  5. The Journal reserves the right to copyedit any submission for clarity, brevity, accuracy, grammar, word usage, and confirmity of style and presentation for publication in the Journal.
  6. While submissions may be accepted for publication, PJIM reserves the right to reject or not publish any submission at any time.
  7. Interactive projects may be stored on our server upon request and approval from PJIM. Hosting at PJIM is not required and does not influence merit selection of projects for inclusion within the Journal. PJIM reserves the right to not host projects if it chooses to do so.
  8. PJIM adheres to The Chicago Manual of Style for formatting of all headings, tables, figure, and references. For more information on The Chicago Manual of Style please please visit: The Chicago Manual of Style.
  9. PJIM requires the completion and submission of its PJIM Submission Agreement before works may be published. Completion of this form is only required for Full Submission and not required for submission of Abstracts.
  10. PJIM requires contributors to adhere to its PJIM Submission Guidelines for all submitted Abstracts and Full Submissions.
  11. In submitting works for publication in PJIM the contributor agrees to all PJIM policies regarding submission, publication, republication, distribution, and release of information.
  12. PJIM reserves the right to update or modify its policies as necessary and notification of changes will be made available at PJIM's website.


The Parsons Journal for Information Mapping (PJIM) has a rolling, open call for submissions.

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